Status quo in Washington

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Status quo in Washington

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Here in Washington it's business as usual. Gov Inslee was overwhelmingly re-elected while small business owners are crying the blues about his covid restrictions. Mayor Jenny has announced she will not seek a second term in Seattle. All that means is some farther-left wacko will be elected. A clash of protestors in Olympia led to the arrest of one person. Naturally he was on the pro-Trump side. Seattle PD is once again under fire for using unacceptable crowd control measures during a riot. All in all we are treated to progressive politics at its finest. :roll:
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Re: Status quo in Washington

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Here in California (we live eight miles south of SF) Ho is still one of our Senators on 18 December. That's tells us something. Pelosi told Ho to hang on to her Senate seat until the last second.
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